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Just two hours drive from Mumbai & Pune. Experience the never ending thrill. River Rafting Distance 14 km. River Rafting duration 2.5 to 3.5 hours hours. Minimum age 14 years. 7 years old River Rafting Company in Kolad

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How To Reach Kolad

Mumbai To (Kolad) By Car
Travel Duration : 3 Hours
Road Distance : 120 Kms
Mumbai-Vashi-Kalamboli(take Right)-Panvel Bypass-Karnala-Pen-Wadkhal Naka (Take Left)-Nagaothane-Kolad.

Mumbai To (Kolad) By Train
Travel Duration : 4 Hours
Kolad Railway station lies on the Konkan rail line.Daily passenger trains from Dadar Terminus and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus depart for Kolad.

Mumbai To (Kolad) By Bus
Travel Duration : 3 Hours
Frequent State Transport buses are available from Mumbai towards Goa.You have get down at Kolad which is on Mumbai-Goa Highway.

Pune To (Kolad) By Car
Travel Duration : 3 Hours
Road Distance : 120 Kms
From Pune-Kothrud-Paud road-Pirangut-Paud-Mulshi Dam-Tamhini Ghat-Kolad.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bhira dam
  • Kuda Caves
  • Tala fort
  • Tamhini falls
  • Dholwal Dam
  • Sutarwadi Lake
  • Ghosala fort
  • Kundalika river
  • Uddhar Hot water springs
  • Purandar Fort
  • Palace Of Pantsachiv
  • Rajgad Fort
  • Bhatghar Dam
  • Balaji Temple
  • Torna Fort

Bhira dam
Bhira dam, popularly known as Tata Power house dam, is located in a small picturesque village with a marvelous waterfall nearby Kolad. The Dam, installed in 1927 by the Tata Power Company, is one among the biggest hydroelectric projects in India and the water from this dam is highly useful in irrigation purposes in the nearby villages.
The power generated from this dam is the backbone of the many industrial activities in Mumbai Pune region. Water rafting of the kundalika river mainly depends on the water released from this dam. The Bhira dam, surrounded by lush greenery, is an amazing picnic spot worth for a visit to spend holidaying in a cool environment.

Kuda Caves
A small village Kuda, famous for the Buddhist caves, is placed at the fabulous Janjeera hills near Kolad at a height of 150 to 200 feet above the sea level. These rock cut caves are classic example of Buddhist cave art and amazing for their architectural excellence. These caves have two levels and the individual blocks are smaller and are on the upper levels. The inscriptions on the caves are the preaching of Buddha and his disciples. The interiors of the caves are carved with stupas and a rock carved image of an elephant as the janitor is inscribed on the front gate of the caves.
In many of the caves in Kuda hills, there are evidences to testify that monks used them as dwelling places. The inscriptions, letters and paintings in the Kuda hills shows that these caves are built in during first to sixth centuary B.C. Set up on a hilly terrain, the Kuda caves give a magnificent view of the valley below. This is a recommended place for those who are having a keen interest in historical monuments and archeology.

Tala fort
A fortified monument on the southern bank of Malti creek, the Tala fort lies east west at a height of 1000 feet above the sea level in Tara town in Maharashtra. The fort is separated from the rest of the hill by a wide gap. This protected monument of 4th century was built during the reign of Bhoja Raja and was used as a watch on the beautiful Rajpuri stream. Tala fort is a very good example for the artistic talents of the then generation. The bottom of the hill in which the fort situates is surrounded by thick woody forest.
The historic importance and the fabulous look of Tala fort attract a large number of people throughout the year. Once a center of prime importance, this marvelous construction stands as the relic of its past glory.

Tamhini Falls
Tamhini ghat waterfalls, also known as Valse, are a pretty attractive tourist destination near to Kolad in Maharashtra. Tamhini ghat bears many waterfalls through its hilly rocky terrains. Apart from the majestic waterfalls, the place offers breathtaking views and a peace, calm environment. The surroundings are imposing with lush green dense forests and grassy valleys. The nearby forest is rich in bird species and bird watchers can spend hours together here enjoying the variety of birds.
Monsoon is a good season to visit her, during which the waterfalls take a mighty look and the mesmerizing beauty of the nature will bring any tourist back here for another visit. Swimming is advisable. No Water sports are present here.

Dholwal Dam
Dholwal Dam, a high utility Dam for irrigation purposes of the surrounding regions, is nested in the lap of the beautiful mountain range of Sahyadris in Kolad.
The gushing water in the dam site is a nice view to be remembered for a lifetime. Dholwal dam’s majestic appearance has a breathtaking effect on the visitor. Dholwal dam is positioned itself in the backdrop of lusting green dense forests. The Dam is well maintained by the Irrigation Department of Maharashtra.

Sutarwadi Lake
Situated in the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadris, the beautiful Sutarwadi Lake in Kolad is a bird watchers delight. In the pristine and calm ambiance of this lovely lake, one can feel the call of the Mother Nature. Views of the sunrise and sunset are magnificent from the shore of the lake. Sutarwadi Lake is a nice destination for those who wish to be in the luxury of solitude. Being a haven of migratory birds, this place is to be best visited during monsoon season. The fog, mist, and rain add a special charm to the scenery.
A panoramic view of the high hills of Sahyadri peak in the vicinity is an additional attraction. This picturesque spot is a recommended place for spending a weekend holiday.

Ghosala fort
An architectural splendor of yester years, Ghosala fort situates in between the Revdanda and Salav creeks. Situated on the isolated Roha Hills, this fort can be ascended from the northern side without much difficulty. Bounded by so many tiny creeks, the Ghosala fort looks marvelous when viewed from the northern side. Presence of two temples and a Darga in the fort evoke the curiosity of any visitor.
The popular belief is that this monument is constructed during the 16th century for coordinating defense activities. Various structures of the Ghosala fort include prison, chambers, parapets and stores. Ghosala fort is a remarkable example for the planning and architectural excellence of the people of ancient India.

Kundalika River
Kundalika river’s 14-kilometer stretch of exciting rapids will provide one and a half hours white water rafting. Rafting through the river calls for extreme courage and bravery.
Water rafting in the river reaches its zenith during monsoon season since the water levels are high.

Uddhar Hot water springs At (Nagothane)((15) Km)
About 11km away from Nagothane and just 1km before Pali Ganesh temple, the steaming hot water springs in the village Uddhar are well known for their medicinal value.
The waters are rich in suphur and are known to cure a variety of skin ailments.

Purandar Fort At (Bhor)((123) Km)
Purandar is about 40kms south-east of Pune. Purandar was besieged by the mighty Mughal forces under the command of Jai Singh and Dilir Khan. In the ensuing battle Murar Baji Prabhu, the gallant commander of the fort, was killed.
Shivaji, under a treaty, had to surrender to the Mughals his 23 forts, including Purandar and Vajragarh.. Arrangements for accommodation and food are also available at affordable rates.

Palace Of Pantsachiv At (Bhor)((123) Km)
The town of Bhor, once the capital of the princely state, is located about 40 kilometers south of Pune, adjacent to Bhatghar dam. The royal palace is still present. Early morning light coming in through the kitchen window (Chul or Bhatarkhana) at the Pantasachiv Rajwada (Palace) at Bhor. Situated among the higher peaks of the Western Ghats.

Balaji Temple At (Bhor)((123) Km)
Balaji Temple near Pune around 45 mins from Pune. The temple is very well maintained and if you visit quite early in the day (they open at 5 AM). You can see the main deity in a matter of minutes whereas on a weekend or in the later half of the day, quite a queue builds up. In summer, the ground gets really hot and it can be quite an experience to reach the comfort of the shade from the point where you leave your slippers.

Torna Fort At (Bhor)((123) Km)
Torna fort is about 65 km away from Pune. Torna is huge & magnificent fort which marked the beginning of Sri Shivaji's conquest of the forts Torna. In 1646, when Shivaji was 16, he launched his first military attack by capturing Torna fort, paving the way for the great empire.

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Milindwrites on 03 Jun 2013 10:46 AM

Its an excellent place to stay. We were bikers group from mumbai so no disturbance of any, no TVs for serials amazing time spend with friends..the staff was very prompt who devotedly services us with out any faces and stress...i would recommend this place to all my friends who would really want pleasure time to spend with there family and friends.

Overall Rating : 8.38

Best Experience

The best part of the service of the staff was though there were rooms for good night sleep we were very much interested to sleep in open area just opposite to our rooms and we asked them to arrange our beds out. Without any no and na they arranged and it was a great experience to sleep watching the stars...

Bhaveshwrites on 20 Jan 2013 05:53 PM

Its very good location. its amazing that for two days its like our village home beautiful sit-out with music system with mashal light , barbecue, very good service, food is very tasty

Overall Rating : 9.75

Best Experience

Food and overall service is very good , bonfire available no tv just relaxing till midnight /late night with family and friends very good plantation and cool place

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